and that is how we treat our clients. We do the job, live it and nourish it through generations.

The first doors and windows signed by Festa were made in the 1930s in a little workshop in Jelah. By the late '90s we started our cooperation with the HHörmann company becoming their exclusive distributor, as well as with the Schüco company, which has modeled our company's profile into a modern, flexible and stable organisation that cares for their clients.

As a family, integrity is important to us; as is honour, honesty and trust . And those are the principles we build this company upon. Our attention is on quality rather than quantity and a satisfied client is more important than our annual accounts.

We focus on the next generation, not only in our company by educating our employees, but also in the technological sense, following trends in engineering and sustainable development, so we are not afraid of new technologies and challenges.

Become a part of a family that is constantly going forward.