HIGH LEVEL INSULATION IMPROVED STABILITY AND ADVANCED SECURITY achieved by intergration of new materials and cleverly engeneered system.

90mm wide leaf for more stability, strenght, acoustic and thermal insulation.

Thermal and acoustic insulation layer filled with PU rigid foam with additional insulation in profiles.

3 revolving EPDM seals ensure optimal thermal insulation and water tightness

Barrier-free entrance , with only 20 mm high aluminum sill with thermal break.

All doors with glass inserts are fitted with  3-layer laminated safety glass (Verbundsicherheitsglas (VSG 4.4.2. + 6 Float + 3.3.2. VSG Ug 0,6W/m2K)

This guarantees increased security and resistance to accidents or burglaries, s well as meets latest energy standards.

By default, Festa doors are equipped with amulti-point stainless steel RC 2 security lock.


Three barrel hinges achieve the highest possible load-bearing performance with a maximum load transfer while remaining visually attractive.

Every model in out collection comes with flushed frame, without surcharge.